Our whole family delights in each puppy born at Creekside. Children play an integral role in the socialization and development of the puppies from the time of birth and assist in their care as well as making sure they get plenty of exercise! The puppies are included in all the happenings here on our 26 acres which produces a sound, highly confident, well-adjusted and happy puppy ready to go home and bond with you. We have found that early exposure to many different sensory stimuli within our safe environment affords the puppies an opportunity to develop a high level of confidence and adaptability.

One of our favorite activities to do as a family is to take the puppies on an outing down to the creek. We are blessed to have two creeks bordering our property, one of which is rocky and shallow, which allows us to introduce them to water at a fun and comfortable pace. This is a favorite activity for the puppies as well!

Your Creekside puppy gets LOTS of personalized love and care. We invest a great deal of time working individually with each puppy to make sure the transition to your home is as stress-free as possible for them and you.



We believe that providing high quality nutrition is extremely important in the growth and development of healthy puppies. Creekside puppies are given the best nutritional start possible because we feed a combination of raw and premium adult/puppy formulas with human grade ingredients. Good nutrition both during gestation and after birth is crucial to the foundational building blocks of health that will positively impact your puppy’s health for a lifetime.

The raw portion of their diet includes fresh all-natural chicken, beef, lamb, eggs and goat milk produced on our pesticide/chemical free pastures from animals not fed genetically modified ingredients (GMO), antibiotics or hormones.

Our babies are introduced to solid food beginning at 3 weeks of age and are allowed to follow a natural feeding schedule determined by the mother dog which typically results in them being completely weaned by 7 weeks of age.


Data continues to indicate that repeated assaults on the immune systems of pets from unnecessary vaccinations are the source of a myriad of diseases including allergies and cancer. After studying immunization protocols recommended by Jean Dodds DVM and Ron Schultz DVM, we have adopted a limited vaccination schedule that consists of the Nobivac Puppy DPV for Distemper/Parvo given at 7-8 weeks of age. We recommend three doses at 3-1/2 week intervals.

We highly encourage the continued implementation of a very limited vaccination schedule for the lifetime of your dog.



We begin accepting reservations for puppies as soon as our anticipated matings are posted on the website. We do request a deposit at the time your reservation is placed to hold your position on the reservation list. Your deposit is held until the arrival of the litter so that your choice of gender can be verified.

If the litter did not produce your gender preference, you have the options to possibly swap gender within the same litter, transfer to a future Creekside litter - or the deposit will be returned to you. Deposits are nonrefundable after the litter is born. Cash payment of the balance is requested at the time of pickup or prior to air transport.



We DO NOT use cargo services for the transport of our puppies to their new homes. We do, however, offer a couple of other transport options if distance prevents driving to pick up your puppy.

1. We have a transporter who can travel with your puppy in the cabin of the plane from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) in Charlotte, North Carolina to the airport nearest you. This allows the puppy to ride in the cabin where they can be constantly monitored and reassured during the flight. Cost for this option varies depending on location in the USA (plus the price of the transporter’s roundtrip ticket): $300 for the eastern half of the country and $400 for the western half. We supply the carrier needed for the transport.

2. We will meet you at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) in Charlotte, North Carolina for the puppy to be carried in the cabin with you. Cost for this option is $100 (plus the price of your roundtrip ticket). In addition, you must purchase a soft airline approved carrier for under your plane seat (cost approximately $60).